Filing Manual – Guide E – Change in Class Locations (OPR s.42)

Section 42 of the OPR states:

  • If the class location of a section of a pipeline changes to a higher designation that has a more stringent location factor, the company shall, within six months after the change, submit the proposed plan to deal with the change to the Board.


The application includes a plan that describes how the applicant proposes to deal with class location changes to a section(s) of its pipeline to a higher designation with a more stringent location factor.

Filing Requirement

Submit a plan which:

  • identifies what changes in circumstances have occurred;
  • identifies potential concerns resulting from the change in circumstances; and
  • describes the mitigative actions where applicable, to address potential concerns.

Refer to CSA Z662 for a definition of "class location".

Next Steps...

Next Steps...

File the completed application. Applicants are encouraged to include the completed relevant checklists from Appendix I.

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