National Energy Board – 2017–18 Departmental Plan

Operating context: conditions affecting our work

As part of our drive to regulatory excellence, the NEB has been one of the early adopters of the DRF in 2017–18, and has developed more clearly defined programs, activities and initiatives to establish a baseline for performance measurement. The NEB performance results will demonstrate to Canadians that the NEB effectively fulfils its mandate by having a strong focus on results.

In order to achieve regulatory excellence, the NEB needs to demonstrate management excellence. In 2016–17, the NEB put in place both a Board Member Operating ModelFootnote 1 and Management System. In 2017–18 and going forward, these guiding frameworks will serve as the cornerstones of clearly defined governance and processes for the NEB.

There is an increasingly complex energy dialogue in Canada on the interactions between energy infrastructure, safety and environmental protection. The NEB recognizes the importance of stakeholder contributions to this dialogue and will continue to serve the interests of Canadians and inform stakeholders by providing accessible, credible and transparent energy information.

Regulatory Excellence

As Canada’s federal energy regulator, the NEB is striving for regulatory excellence based on a foundation of the following three attributes that are embedded in all that we do:

Stellar Competence – Ensuring that NEB employees have the knowledge, capabilities, and tools required to fully serve the public interest;

Utmost Integrity – Improving our ability to serve the public interest by clarifying governance, while ensuring we work within the applicable legal framework; and

Empathic Engagement – Ensuring that our engagement with the public is transparent and respectful, through strong links to our engagement strategy.

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