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Incident Reduction Project

16 February 2011 Incident Reduction Workshop

Safety and environmental protection are of paramount importance to the National Energy Board (NEB). Since 2007, the NEB has noticed an increased trend in the number and the severity of incidents being reported by NEB-regulated companies. The NEB recognizes that a reduction in numbers and severity of pipeline incidents depends on actions taken by industry.

The NEB requires the companies it regulates to investigate every incident in order to identify and understand the underlying causes of each failure. Once identified and understood, the causes of an incident should be used to establish corrective actions and to develop a plan to minimize the effects of the incident and to prevent a similar incident from reoccurring.

In order to understand the reasons behind the incident trend in more detail, the NEB analyzed over 100 incidents related to safety, integrity and damage prevention programs. The analysis identified both technical and management system root causes that contributed to each incident.

The NEB shared the results of this analysis at a full-day workshop in February 2011 to promote the generation of systemic strategies to reduce incidents.

Presentation by Anne-Marie Bourassa Mota at the 2011 National Energy Board Incident Reduction Workshop
More than 60 participants from 24 NEB-regulated companies, industry associations, consultants and other regulators attended the workshop. The objectives of the workshop were to share the NEB's perspectives on incidents, provide an opportunity for participants to comment on the NEB's findings, identify barriers to reducing incidents, and shaping strategies to reduce the number and severity of incidents.

All parties attending the workshop expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to share experiences and ideas to support this worthwhile endeavor to protect the public, workers and the environment.

As part of the NEB's commitment to continual improvement, the outcomes and lessons learned from the incident analysis will be integrated into ongoing NEB activities, projects and process enhancements. The valuable information that was gathered during the workshop discussions will be utilized to shape the NEB's future messages, actions and engagements regarding the safety of the public and the environment.


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