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Market Snapshots

Regular energy information updates illustrate emerging trends in various segments of the energy market. They provide topical energy information to Canadians.

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Latest Snapshots

Date Title Commodity Additional Topics
2016-05-24 Total renewable capacity, led by wind energy, to grow considerably in the near-term electricity, renewables Energy Futures, wind power, biomass, capacity, solar
2016-05-18 Effect of gasoline prices on summer driving season demand in Canada unclear oil fuel, gasoline, energy use
2016-05-12 Impacts of the Fort McMurray wildfires on Canadian crude oil production oil crude, production, oil sands
2016-05-06 Gas processing margins low despite low natural gas prices NGL propane, butane, prices
2016-04-27 Demand for propane in Alberta could look considerably different by 2020 NGL propane, petrochemical industry
2016-04-22 Canadian crude oil exports hit record in 2015 led by higher deliveries to the U.S. Gulf Coast oil U.S., exports, crude, refineries
2016-04-14 Abundant natural gas storage due to warm winter natural gas storage, prices, U.S.
2016-04-07 Oil and natural gas production resilient despite price declines oil, natural gas rig activity, prices, production
2016-04-01 Carbon pricing policies are active or proposed in provinces generating more than 80% of Canada’s GHG emissions electricity, renewables GHGs
2016-03-24 New wells will comprise up to 1/3 conventional, tight, and shale oil production in western Canada by end of 2017 oil rig activity, WCSB, producers
2016-03-17 2015 a Record-Setting Year for Canadian Electricity Exports electricity exports
2016-03-10 Commercial and Institutional Buildings in Canada becoming Greener renewables LEED, energy demand
2016-03-02 Record high crude oil imports from the U.S. push Canadian oil imports to a three year high oil crude oil, imports
2016-02-25 Limited pipeline capacity could lead to nearly 1.2 MMb/d crude-by-rail exports by 2040 oil pipelines, crude oil, exports, rail
2016-02-18 15 energy market highlights of 2015 oil, natural gas, electricity, renewables imports, exports, prices
2016-02-10 Passenger vehicle annual export value in 2015 surpasses crude oil for first time since 2007 oil exports
2016-02-04 Alberta's wholesale electricity price reached a record low in 2015 electricity Alberta, prices
2016-01-28 PEI and Nova Scotia leading Canada in share of wind generation electricity, renewables wind power, capacity, generation
2016-01-21 Fewer wells account for majority of natural gas production in western Canada natural gas rig activity, WCSB, gas producers
2016-01-13 Trucks Account for Larger Share of New Vehicle Sales oil  fuel, energy use, driver demographics, gasoline, diesel
2016-01-06 Imported value of natural gas liquids surpasses export value in 2015 NGL imports, exports, pipelines
2015-12-22 LEDs Help Keep the Holidays Bright While Saving Money and Energy electricity, renewables LEDs
2015-12-15 Oil Sands Production to Increase, but Effects of Low Oil Prices are Evident oil oil sands, production
2015-12-10 Cold Weather in the East and Warm Weather in the West impacted Canada’s 2015 Energy Demand natural gas, electricity demand
2015-12-02 Western Canada's 2015 Oil and Gas Land Sale Revenues could be Lowest in Decades oil, natural gas land sales, Alberta
2015-11-25 Canadian Crude-by-Rail Exports Rebound in Q3 2015 oil crude oil, exports, rail
2015-11-19 Ontario Ramps up Goals for Electricity Savings electricity, renewables Ontario, conservation, Long-Term Energy Plan
2015-11-10 Major Producers Continue to Dominate Western Canadian Crude Oil Production oil WCSB, oil producers
2015-10-29 Saskatchewan to Supply nearly Half of Western Canadian Conventional, Tight and Shale Oil by 2017, as Overall Western Canadian Deliverability Falls oil WCSB, producers
2015-10-21 Summer Rig Activity in Western Canada Reaches Lowest Level since 2009 oil, natural gas rig activity, WCSB, producers
2015-10-14 Global Decline in Rig Activity Led by Canada and the U.S. oil, natural gas rig activity, global oil price
2015-10-08 Large Mid-size Companies Rival Major Producers in Share of Tight Gas Production from Western Canada natural gas WCSB, gas producers
2015-09-30 Quebec-Ontario Power Sharing Agreement Supports Nuclear Refurbishments electricity, renewables nuclear, Ontario, Quebec, capacity sharing
2015-09-23 Mid-size Producers play Increasingly Important Role in Western Canadian Natural Gas Market natural gas WCSB, gas producers
2015-09-16 Decreasing Canadian Natural Gas Exports to the U.S. Midwest and East Regions natural gas pipelines, U.S., export
2015-09-09 Ontario Refineries Shift from Foreign to Domestic Supply since 2000 oil Ontario, refineries, crude, imports, Enbridge
2015-09-02 Rising Wood-Pellet Boiler Capacity in the NWT Highlights Biomass Adoption as Heating Fuel electricity, renewables Biomass, NWT, refined petroleum products
2015-08-27 East Coast LNG Projects Tackle Competition and Supply Challenges LNG natural gas, exports, imports, Maritimes, liquefaction facilities
2015-08-20 Electricity from Canadian Non-Emitting Sources Qualify Under the U.S. EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan electricity, renewables exports, hydro-electricity, CPP, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2015-08-05 Exports of North American Propane on the Rise NGL Exports
2015-07-29 Deep Panuke moves to seasonal production and lowers reserves due to water influx natural gas Maritimes, gas supply, imports
2015-07-22 Average Initial Production Rates of Natural Gas Wells in Western Canada at a 14-year High natural gas WCSB, rig activity
2015-07-15 Canadian 2014 Energy Export Revenues Reached a Record High of $129 Billion oil, natural gas, electricity, renewables imports, exports, prices
2015-07-09 The Alliance Pipeline’s rising heat content highlights its unique role in Canadian natural gas exports natural gas Alliance, pipelines, natural gas liquids
2015-06-30 Canadian Gasoline Prices Track Brent Closer than WTI oil WTI, Brent, gasoline
2015-06-24 Increased Horizontal Drilling in Western Canada oil, natural gas WCSB, rig activity, oil, gas, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling
2015-06-19 Natural Gas Deliverability Expected To Outpace Demand Growth from 2015-2017 natural gas demand, supply, deliverability

Western Canadian Rig Activity Switches From Oil-directed to Gas-directed Drilling

oil, natural gas WCSB, rig activity, oil, gas, condensate
2015-06-04 Crude-by-Rail Exports Decline in First Quarter 2015 oil crude oil, exports, rail
2015-05-26 Large Shale Oil Reservoirs discovered in Mackenzie Plain, NWT oil shale oil, NWT, unconventional, Mackenzie Plain
2015-05-19 Western Canadian Propane Inventories at Record Highs, Prices at Edmonton see Record Lows NGLs propane, storage, prices, U.S.
2015-05-12 Younger Generations Driving Less, Impacts Fuel Demand Forecasts oil fuel, energy use, driver demographics, gasoline, diesel
2015-05-05 In-Situ Oil Sands Producers More Efficient, Using Less Steam per Barrel in 2014 oil, natural gas natural gas, oil, steam oil ratio, SOR, in-situ technology, demand
2015-04-28 Canadian Oil Exports Reached 3.11 million b/d in January 2015 oil exports, U.S.
2015-04-21 Enbridge’s Market Access Programs Part II: Capacity on the Canadian Mainline could reach 2.89 Million barrels per day by 2018 oil pipelines, Enbridge, expansion projects
2015-04-14 Enbridge’s Market Access Programs Part I: Enbridge Completes $10 Billion in Projects in 2014 oil pipelines, Enbridge, expansion projects
2015-03-26 Oil Sands Production Likely to Continue Growing in the Short Term oil oil sands projects, bitumen, capacity
2015-03-19 Appetite for Domestic Crude Oil Increasing at Canadian Refineries oil refineries, imports, pipelines
2015-03-12 Canadian Electricity Export Revenue Rebound Continues in 2014 electricity, renewables exports, imports, electricity prices, hydro-electricity
2015-03-05 Canadian LNG Projects Face a Competitive Global Market LNG natural gas, North America, exports, global market, demand
2015-02-26 Wind continues to Gain Power in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta in 2014 electricity, renewables wind power, capacity, ecoEnergy program, energy credits
2015-02-24 Small-Scale LNG Plants Strategically Located to Meet Emerging Domestic LNG Demand LNG natural gas, liquefaction facilities, demand, small scale LNG
2015-02-12 Conventional Oil Drilling Activity in Western Canada Down 60 per cent year-over-year oil conventional oil, rig activity, wells, oil sands
2015-02-05 Pipelines Transitioning to Bring More U.S. Natural Gas to Ontario and Quebec natural gas imports, pipelines, open season
2015-01-29 Declining Solar Panel Costs Result in Record Capacity Additions electricity, renewables solar power, U.S.
2015-01-22 U.S. Crude Oil Production Reaches 9 Million Barrels per day oil crude oil, tight oil, U.S., global oil price
2015-01-15 Canadian Natural Gas Exports in 2014 on Pace to be the Lowest since 1994 natural gas exports, U.S.
2014-12-11 Continuing High Prices in the Maritimes' Distinct Natural Gas Market natural gas demand, Maritimes
2014-12-04 The Impact of Sustained Low Oil Prices in the NEB's Energy Futures Report oil oil prices, Energy Futures
2014-11-27 NWT is estimated to have 16.4 Tcf of discovered gas and 1.2 billion barrels of discovered oil oil, natural gas NGLs, NWT
2014-11-20 The Canadian Propane Market's Recovery from the Polar Vortex NGL propane, Polar Vortex, U.S.,
2014-11-13 Canadian Crude Oil Imports Decline oil crude oil, imports
2014-10-30 LNG Imports by Truck LNG imports, truck, fuel-swtiching
2014-10-23 Canadian Tight Oil Production Update oil tight oil, WCSB, horizontal drilling
2014-10-23 Crude Oil Exports by Rail oil crude oil, exports, rail