Enbridge to begin building Line 3

As part of the NEB’s review of the Line 3 Replacement Project, we attached 89 conditions to the project.

Some of these conditions apply to the project throughout its lifecycle however; approximately 20 conditions require Enbridge to file documentation with the NEB before construction can begin, including four conditions that required the NEB’s approval. You can review these documents and any related NEB correspondence here [Folder 2985609]

We determined in late July that Enbridge had satisfied the requirements for those conditions that applied to the pre-construction phase of the project and the company will begin construction in early August.

This is not the end of our involvement with this project. Our staff will be on the ground at different times throughout the lifecycle of this pipeline, inspecting the project to make sure that Enbridge is complying with the commitments they have made, the project-specific conditions and our regulatory requirements.

In fact, our compliance and verification activities have already begun: we recently completed a pre-construction audit to make sure that Enbridge had established the necessary oversight to manage safety and environmental protection during construction. We’ll make our findings public in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions about the NEB’s oversight role, please contact our staff at Line3Replacement@neb-one.gc.ca

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