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NEB 101 Information

Are you new to the NEB’s process? For your introduction to the NEB, its mandate and our hearing process, we suggest:

Project Information

On 30 October 2014, Energy East Pipeline Ltd. (EEPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanada Oil Pipelines (Canada) Ltd., submitted an application [Folder 2543426] for the proposed Energy East project.

If you need to read the Application for Energy East in French, the company has provided sections of it on their website.

The proposed project would include:

  • Converting an existing natural gas pipeline to an oil transportation pipeline;
  • Constructing new pipeline in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Eastern Ontario, Québec and New Brunswick to link up with the converted pipe; and
  • Constructing the associated facilities, pump stations and tank terminals required to move crude oil from Alberta to Québec and New Brunswick, including marine facilities that enable access to other markets by ship.

For more information, please see Energy East’s website.

TransCanada Energy East Pipeline Project Map

Hearing Process Updates

For information about the Board’s Hearing Process, please consult the National Energy Board Hearing Handbook.

  • The Board is currently undertaking a preliminary examination to determine if the application is sufficiently complete to start the formal hearing process.
  • The Board will make an announcement when the Application To Participate form becomes available.
  • If the Board determines that the application is sufficiently complete, it will issue a Hearing Order and a list of participants.
  • The Hearing Order is a key document that outlines how the review will take place, the roles and responsibilities of participants and any associated timelines.
  • From the time that the Hearing Order is issued, the Board has up to 15 months to deliver its recommendation report to the government who then has another three months to review the recommendation and make the final decision.

Lists of Issues

Below are links to the Lists of Issues for Energy East.

The Board has separated the Lists of Issues into one for Part III facilities matters and one for Part IV and V commercial and financial matters. These are the issues that the Board will consider when it reviews the Energy East application. A List of Issues (LOI) keeps everyone focused on the issues that are relevant to the Board’s assessment.

If you are planning to apply for funding or to participate in the hearing, your input must be related to one or more of the issues on the lists.

Regulatory Documents

All regulatory documents, including the project application, are available on the NEB website [Folder 2540913].

Support for Participants

Receive Project Updates

We will provide periodic updates by email about the application and hearing process for the proposed Energy East project. If you want to receive updates, fill out the Energy East subscription form.

Information Sessions

The NEB offers a series of Information Sessions to those who have an interest in learning more about the Board and its processes:

  • NEB 101: A summary about the Board, its mandate and the hearing process, including an overview of the Application to Participate process and the Participant Funding Program.
  • Participation in a Public Hearing (PPH): Information about who may participate in the Board’s hearing, methods of participation, and the roles and responsibilities of participants.

Sessions consist of a 30 to 40 minutes presentation followed by a question period. Additional sessions could be scheduled based on demand. Please note that information sessions may be rescheduled or cancelled depending on attendance.

Process Advisor

What if I need extra support? After you watch these informational videos, or read the Hearing Process Handbook, you may still have more questions. A Process Advisor’s main role is to support you if you participate in the hearing but they can also answer questions now about the NEB’s process. You can contact a Process Advisor by calling 1-800-899-1265 (toll-free) or emailing

Email is not a valid method of filing regulatory documents with the NEB. Comments about Energy East received by email will not be considered. You can, however, still email your general process questions to our Process Advisory Team.

Participant Funding Program

$2,500,000 is available through our Participant Funding Program to help people interested in reviewing and commenting on Energy East and who qualify for participation and funding. To be considered to receive funding, you must submit an Application for Participant Funding, an Application to Participate, and you must be accepted as an Intervenor in the Board’s hearing process for Energy East.

You should watch this video, read these FAQs and review the Participant Funding Program Guide for more information on how to apply for funding and what is eligible to be covered by this funding.

You should also review information on the proposed project, including the Lists of Issues.

What if I need extra support? After you watch this video, read these FAQs or review the Participant Funding Program Guide, you may still have more questions. You can contact the Participant Funding Coordinator by calling 1-800-899-1265 (toll-free) or 403-299-3130 or by emailing

Applying to Participate

To be a participant in an NEB Hearing Process, you must be directly affected or have relevant information or expertise.

We will provide details about the Application to Participate (ATP) process before the form becomes available on our website. These details will include information about when we will begin accepting applications to participate and a submission deadline. We will notify people on our email subscription list that the form is available.

What can I do in the meantime? You could participate in our information sessions and familiarize yourself with the application.

How can I apply? The online application form will guide you through all the steps to apply after you create a log in. Process Advisors will host information sessions on the ATP process and can also help you with the form.

Where can I find the ATP form? You will access the online form right here from this webpage after it is launched.

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