Questions and Answers

What is REGDOCS?

REGDOCS is a more user-friendly way to access the NEB’s regulatory documents. You might have called this tool other names like the public registry, CS-10 or Livelink. It is the collection of publically accessible documents that are filed onto the legal record for any of our hearings or other written regulatory proceedings. These documents are submitted through the Participation Portal, Electronic filing system, Online Application System (for companies) or are mailed or faxed. They originate from the Company Applicants, the NEB (such as when Orders are issued), and various participants in our regulatory processes. Our technical staff and Board Members use these documents when considering project applications and other regulatory matters.

I have the filing ID or exhibit list number. How do I find my document?

Type the number into the Search by Document Number bar at the top of the REGDOCS Home page and push enter.

How can I favourite a Project Folder?

Once you have landed on a Project page, select “Add to Favorites” at the top of the page under the Project title.

How do I add an Advanced Search to my favourites?

You may create your own Advanced Searches and favorite them. To do this, set up the search you want and when you are on the results page, select “Add to Favorites”.

How can I get an entire filing to zip and download?

This feature is not available in REGDOCS. Contact the NEB Library for assistance.

I want to see all of the Certificates ever issued by the NEB

Start with a category search from the main page, and select Document type: Certificate. When you arrive at your results page, filter by Role: NEB.

I want to see all documents sent out by the NEB in the past year.

From the main page, search by Category and select Role: NEB. After you land on the results page, choose to filter by Date: Past Year

I want to see all the Letters of Comment on the Trans Mountain Expansion hearing.

From the main page, start typing in “trans” into the search bar. The suggested projects will show the Trans Mountain Expansion – click on this one with your cursor.

Once you are in the project page, use the filter for Document type: Letter of Comment. You may need to “show all” if you do not see it in the short list.

I want to look up a filing a company made yesterday or two days ago – I am not sure when.

You can use the filing ID if you have it. Type it into the search bar and push enter. If you want to see what was filed in the past day or week, from the main page you can select “Recent Filings” and then select “Last Day” or “Last Week”. If it is a company filing, and you know the name of 12 the company, you can type in the first few letters in the search bar and select the company name from the list. Once you see the results page, you can filter by date again.

I am an Intervenor on Energy East and I want to see the transcripts from the oral traditional evidence sessions in New Brunswick.

Type in the first few letters of energy east and select the Energy East project from the suggested drop down options. Filter using Document type: Transcript. You can then add a search term in the box at the top to narrow the results even further, such as “New Brunswick”.

I want to see all the filings that Alexander First Nation has sent in on recent hearings.

From the main page, type in “Alexander First Nation” in the search bar. Once you are on the results page, you will see any documents or folders that reference “Alexander First Nation”. To find their folders of documents, filter by File type: Folder. The results show all the folders for the hearings they were a participant on. Click on any of those to see the contents and read documents. If you want see which projects or hearings the folders are for, you can expand the view.

I have found a document in my search results, but it is only the cover letter for the application and I want the application document.

In your search results, expand the view so you can see more detail for the document you found. You will see a selection “See all Documents in this filing: A#####”. Click on the A##### hyperlink and it will take you to the filing. From this list you can select the one you want, or add a filter for Application type: s.58 Application (or whatever application type you are looking for).

Where is the answer to the Information Request (IR) I sent?

Using the search bar, type in the first few letters of the project you are interested in, then select the correct project folder. Once you are in the project folder, you can filter by Document type: Information Request Response. You can further filter if it was a question to the company – filter by Role: Applicant. You can also type in a search term that might have been used in the title of the IR response – such as your own name or what you titled your IR.

The project I am interested in is not a hearing and it is not appearing in the short list of suggested projects. How can I find it?

You can do a regular search using the search bar at the top for some of words to describe the project. You can also go through the company search. Once you are in a results view, use the filters to narrow your results – if you know the type of application it was, filter by Application type: Tolls and Tariffs or whatever information you are looking for.

I am looking for all interim toll orders issued for the Alliance pipeline since 2005.

Using the search bar, start typing in alliance and then see the short list of options – select the company you want. Then use the filters by Date: put in a range from 2005 to current date. Filter by Document type: Order. You can then search a term at the top such as “interim toll” to further narrow your results. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, contact us for help.

I am looking for the Intervenors who were on Towerbirch.

Go to the project folder, scroll down to the folders and select B-Intervenors to see all the folders for Intervenors on that hearing. You can also access the List of Participants on this page to see all of the participants – Intervenors will be grouped together under the heading “Intervenors”.

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