Allocation of Funds for Participation in the Public Hearing for Line 10 Westover Segment Replacement

On 17 December 2015, the Board made available $500,000 under its Participant Funding Program to facilitate participation in the public hearing for the Line 10 Westover Segment Replacement Project. Three eligible applications were received, with a total funding request of $409,306.

The Funding Review Committee (FRC), an independent committee established by the Board, reviews applications for participant funding, and provides recommendations on funding awards. Following a review of the FRC recommendations, the Board’s Executive Vice President, Regulatory, accepted the FRC’s recommendations and approved the following funding awards:

Funding Awards
Applicant Amount awarded
Copetown Landowners Group – Andrew Guiducci $80,000
Haudenosaunee Development Institute $20,000
Six Nations Council $42,000
Total $142,000
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