Conditions Compliance – Glossary of Terms

What is an instrument number?

An instrument number is a reference to a decision made under the NEB Act.
This number is also known as: Order Number; Certificate Number; and Regulatory Instrument Number.

How do I find a regulatory instrument?

To find a regulatory instrument, use the search engine in the upper right hand corner of the Regulatory Document Index.

What does it mean if a condition is ‘In-Progress’?

In-Progress conditions are ones which continue to be monitored by the NEB. This happens when: a project is not completed and it has conditions which have not been realized; or, a project has a post-construction condition, but construction has not yet been completed; or, when condition filings have not yet been received by the NEB; or, filings have been received but do not meet requirements. The NEB follows up on In-Progress conditions.

What does it mean if a condition is ‘Closed’?

This means that the condition requirements have been satisfied, and no further submissions from the company are required.


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