Interactive Incident Map


Fatalities or Serious Injuries Fatalities or Serious Injuries
Fires or Explosions Fires or Explosions
Release of Substance - Gas Release of Substance - Gas
Release of Substance - Liquid Release of Substance - Liquid
Other Other

Please note: The incident data shown represents a single point in time. As investigations are completed for open incidents, or as new information becomes available, the incident record is updated and may change certain aspects of the incident record including whether the incident remains reportable under the applicable regulations. Accordingly, the incident data shown is subject to change.


This application displays data from 2008 – present for incidents reported under the Onshore Pipeline Regulations related to pipelines under federal jurisdiction and does not include incident data related to pipelines under the jurisdiction of the Provinces.

The Board endeavors to provide the best information possible; however, the information contained in this map is based on information that is reported to the Board by outside parties and may not be accurate in all cases.

Incident locations are approximate; see FAQ for more information.

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