Electricity Filing Manual Revision 2015-01

Electricity Filing Manual Revision 2015-01 [PDF 71 KB]

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20 May 2015

To: National Energy Board Regulated Companies

Electricity Filing Manual Revision 2015-01

The Electricity Filing Manual is designed to assist applicants in understanding the National Energy Board’s (NEB or Board) expectations about the information to include in applications relating to international power lines when seeking Board approval under the National Energy Board Act.

The Electricity Filing Manual was first issued in 2004. It has been revised and updated to reflect changes as a result of the Jobs, Growth and Long Term Prosperity Act.

The revised Electricity Filing Manual is now available on the Board’s website (www.neb-one.gc.ca) and hard copies may be requested by calling the NEB at 1-800-899-1265.

Any comments that readers might have on the Electricity Filing Manual, or other matters that could assist with the Board’s future updates and revisions may be directed to:

E-mail: filingmanual@neb-one.gc.ca


Sheri Young
Secretary of the Board
National Energy Board
517 Tenth Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2R 0A8

Facsimile: 403-292-5503

For more information please contact Kym Hopper at 403-299-3890 or toll free at 1-800-899-1265.

Yours truly,

Original signed by L. George for

Sheri Young
Secretary of the Board


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