Fact Sheet: NEB Quick Facts

Fact Sheet: NEB Quick Facts [PDF 140 KB]

Who We Are:

  • Canada’s federal energy regulator for more than 50 years
  • A team of 7 Board Members, 6 Temporary Members and close to 450 professional staff
  • Located in Calgary, Alberta
  • A Top 100 Employer and a Top 100 Family-Friendly Employer for 5 years and counting

Our Mandate:

To promote safety and security, environmental protection and economic efficiency in the Canadian public interest, in the regulation of pipelines, energy development and trade.

Our Goals:

  • NEB-regulated facilities and activities are safe and secure.
  • The environment is protected throughout the lifecycle of NEB-regulated facilities and activities.
  • Canadians benefit from efficient energy infrastructure and markets.
  • The rights and interests of those affected by NEB-regulated facilities and activities are respected.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Regulating the construction, operation and abandonment of pipelines that cross international borders or provincial boundaries, as well as the associated pipeline tolls and tariffs;
  • Regulating the construction and operation of international power lines and designated inter-provincial power lines; and
  • Regulating the imports of natural gas and exports of crude oil, natural gas liquids, natural gas, refined petroleum products and electricity.

In 2013, the NEB regulated 98 companies, which operate approximately 73,000 kilometres of interprovincial and international pipelines. These pipelines shipped approximately $134.4 billion worth of crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas liquids and natural gas to Canadian and export customers at an estimated transportation cost of $7.1 billion.

The NEB also regulated 28 companies that operate approximately 1,400 kilometres of international power lines across Canada and transmitted approximately $2.7 billion of electricity into and out of Canada.

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