National Energy Board Launches Public Consultation on Transparency of Emergency Management Information

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National Energy Board Launches Public Consultation on Transparency of Emergency Management Information

VANCOUVER, BC (April 27, 2015) - National Energy Board (NEB) Chair Peter Watson has asked Canadians to participate in a public consultation process on the transparency of emergency management information. The public consultation will remain open until June 25, and will gather input into the type and the level of detail Canadians feel is appropriate to include in pipeline company emergency management information.

During a speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade, Watson said, “Canadians deserve to be consulted on the transparency of emergency management information for NEB regulated pipelines. At its conclusion, the NEB will respond in a meaningful and measured way that reflects what we’ve heard and what is in the best interest of all Canadians.”

To help Canadians understand the NEB’s role to uphold public safety and environmental protection, a brief emergency response discussion paper has been prepared.

All NEB-regulated pipeline companies are required to have an emergency management program that anticipates, prevents, mitigates, and manages emergencies. The NEB assesses the emergency management programs of companies through emergency procedures manual reviews, emergency response exercises, company compliance meetings, and emergency management system audits.

To learn more about pipeline company and NEB emergency management, and to participate in the public consultation, visit the NEB’s website. In the interest of transparency, all submissions will be posted publicly.

The National Energy Board is an independent federal regulator of several parts of Canada's energy industry with the safety of Canadians and protection of the environment as its top priority. Its purpose is to regulate pipelines, energy development and trade in the Canadian public interest. For more information on the NEB and its mandate, please visit the National Energy Board website.

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