Complaint Resolution Process


Complaints about pipeline facilities and activities happen.

When the complaints come from people whose land, business, home, or traditional or recreational activities are directly impacted by regulated facilities or activities, the NEB has a complaint resolution process to help resolve them.

It is designed to be fair, accessible, transparent and timely.

The NEB encourages and supports concerned parties to communicate with each other to: Ensure a common understanding of the issues, Consider collaborative approaches to problem-solving, and of course, find a resolution that can work for all of them.

If parties can’t resolve outstanding issues themselves, the NEB will make final decisions on issues within its mandate.

The Complaint Resolution process works like this.

First, staff screen complaints to evaluate whether the situation poses any immediate threat to safety, livestock or the environment.

Next, a situation assessment is undertaken to answer questions like:  What happened? How did it occur? Who was involved?

The complaint is then shared with the company, along with a request for their comment.

The company responds by sending their comments to the NEB and to the complainant. 

Then, complaint resolution specialists at the NEB discuss options for next steps.

There are typically two ways a complaint can be resolved:

Alternative Dispute Resolution or the ADR process is a voluntary, interest-based, and confidential way for parties to resolve disputes. It most often involves a facilitated negotiation or mediation

The second way is to pursue Board Adjudication, or the Board Decision Process, which is a quasi-judicial process where the Board considers all evidence from the parties in a formal process and makes its decision.

Complaint Resolution staff will work with the parties to determine the best resolution method for them.

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