Condition Compliance


When a pipeline project is approved, a number of conditions are attached to that approval…and some need to be met before construction can begin.

The conditions are in addition to other requirements, such as codes, standards and regulations for a project, that companies must comply with.

The conditions form part of the certificates or orders the NEB will issue to the company, and enforce.

They help mitigate potential risks and effects to people and the environment, through safe design, construction and operation, as well as gathering information that was not available during the application phase.

Most commonly, they govern:

  • Engineering and safety,
  • Emergency preparedness and response,
  • Economics and financial responsibility,
  • And, of course, protection of the environment, people, communities, and lands.

Examples of common conditions include:

  • Oil spill response requirements
  • Restrictions on the timing of construction
  • Completion of studies on things like, environmental and traditional land use, and
  • Post-construction monitoring and reporting

Some conditions apply throughout the lifecycle of the project while others require the company file information at a certain time before, during, after construction or during operation of the project.

The NEB verifies and enforces compliance with conditions attached to a project.

Companies are required to submit documents called “filings” that demonstrate they have met conditions. 

The NEB evaluates these documents to verify compliance to conditions, and follows up with the company if more information is needed.

Depending on the specific condition, the company may not be able to proceed with the activity.

Before operation begins, companies typically need to apply for a “Leave to Open” with the NEB. It demonstrates that testing has been completed successfully, and the facility is safe to operate.

The NEB won’t approve a “Leave to Open” unless all other ‘pre-operation’ conditions have been satisfied.

Even when operation has begun, inspections and audits continue throughout the life cycle of a project to confirm on-going compliance with all conditions and regulations.

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