Living and Working Near Pipelines


One of the biggest hazards a pipeline faces, is companies or individuals digging without knowing where it’s buried.

And so, everyone must know how to prevent damage to buried infrastructure.

The NEB’s Damage Prevention Framework regulates requirements for companies and individuals to safely live and work near pipelines.

But, it’s a shared responsibility.

Everyone living or working near pipelines needs to understand the risks and take precautions.

The NEB has a Damage prevention team who do things like:

  • Inspect the right of way to check if it is clearly marked and to check for potentially damaging activities
  • Educate people on damage prevention regulations and best practices
  • Inspect and audit companies to confirm that they are in compliance with NEB regulations and standards.

And of course, the board requires companies to take corrective action when needed.

On the other side, pipeline companies must be aware of any potentially damaging activities and have programs to prevent them.

If someone is doing work that could affect a pipeline, they must contact a “one call notification centre” or “Call or Click before you dig” to place a locate request…

It’s the law.

Damage prevention isn’t just a requirement, it’s a mindset, and contributes to safety for everyone living and working on, or near pipelines.

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