Maintenance Programs/Integrity Digs


Just like getting an oil change in a car, pipelines need regular preventative maintenance.

This maintenance is largely done to address potential issues long before they become actual issues.

At the NEB, we require companies to have programs for maintaining the safety of their pipelines.

And we audit the programs; both their content and how they’re carried out.

These activities play an integral role in how we require companies to ensure safety and protect the environment.

Maintenance programs must include inspections, usually done with inline inspection tools, commonly called ‘Smart Pigs”.

They detect issues like small deformations, or signs of potential corrosion, so they can be corrected long before they become a problem.

If necessary, companies will conduct integrity digs in areas where potential issues are found, to inspect further.

They notify landowners, indigenous groups and others, then they proceed.

The dig lets them confirm Smart Pig readings, evaluate the pipe’s condition and do maintenance work, if needed.

This work may include: recoating the pipe, welding a metal sleeve around the pipe, or in some cases, replacing segments of pipeline.

The work is done following strict environmental, health and safety and engineering standards.

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