Notice to NEB Regulated Companies and Interested Persons regarding Non-Hearing Applications

On 1 August 2015, the Board released a revised National Energy Board Information for Proposed Pipeline or Power Line Projects that Do Not Involve a Hearing (pamphlet).  The pamphlet has been updated to provide expanded information on filing a letter of comment and how the Board considers comments from the public and Aboriginal groups. 

Companies are directed to replace any paper copies they currently have of the old pamphlet (ISBN: 978-1-100-22380-3) with the new version (English ISBN: 978-0-660-02725-8 or French ISBN: 978-0-660-02727-2).  The new pamphlet should be distributed to all those potentially impacted by a non-hearing project as explained in the Board’s Filing Manual. 

Copies of the pamphlet are free and available upon request by emailing or by calling our Library at 403-299-3561 or toll free: 1-800-899-1265.  Extra time may be required to process large orders.  The updated pamphlet is also found on the Board’s website under Participation & Lands > Publications

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