NEB releases an update to the Filing Manual
– 2017-01

NEB releases an update to the Filing Manual
Filing Manual Update 2017-01 (13 July 2017). This release amends:

  1. Glossary of Terms
    • Update Navigable Water or Waterway footnote
  2. Chapter 1 Introduction
    • Revise guidance related to the confidential filing of Emergency Procedures Manuals
  3. Chapter 3 Common Information Requirements
    • Add new guidance for uncommon terms
    • Add new filing requirement and guidance for management systems and related programs
    • Add new guidance for consultations and Emergency Management consultations
  4. Guide A Facilities Applications
    • Add new guidance for effects assessments and preparing for and responding to emergencies
    • Update references to CSA Z662
  5. Guide R Transfer of Ownership, Lease or Amalgamation
    • Update references to CSA Z662
  6. Guide T – Leave to Open
    • Add new filing requirement for pressure testing
  7. Guide AA Post Certificate or Order Requirements
    • Revise filing requirement for Emergency Procedures Manuals
  8. Chapter 7 Reference Documents
    • Add new orders
  9. Appendix 1 Filing Manual Checklists
    • Update Chapter 3 and Guide T checklis

As outlined in the concordance document.

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