Annual Report Notification Reminder and Accountable Officer Notification

March 12, 2018

  • Annual Report Notification Reminder
    Pipeline companies are reminded to notify the National Energy Board (NEB) by 30 April 2018, of the completion of an annual report on the performance of pipeline program management systems, as required by subsection 6.6(2) of NEB Onshore Pipeline Regulations (OPR). For information on how to submit, please review the Company Submission Requirements.
  • Accountable Officer Notification
    If the company’s Accountable Officer has changed, please provide an update to the NEB pursuant to subsection 6.2 (2) of the OPR. The accountable officer must submit a signed statement accepting the responsibilities of the position. The following link provides suggested template letters for (i) company notification to the NEB that it has appointed its accountable officer, and (ii) the signed statement from the accountable officer.  For more information, please visit our National Energy Board Onshore Pipeline Regulations, Orders and Guidance page.

If you have questions, please contact Anna Decarlo by email at

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