NEB approves propane export licence for Pacific Traverse Energy Ltd.

August 3, 2018

The National Energy Board (NEB) has approved the application of Pacific Traverse Energy Ltd. (PTE) for a 25 year propane export licence with a maximum term quantity of 66,735,050 cubic meters. The issuance of this licence is subject to the approval of the Governor in Council.

On an application for a licence to export propane, the Board shall satisfy itself that the quantity of propane to be exported does not exceed the surplus remaining after due allowance has been made for the reasonably foreseeable requirements for use in Canada, having regard to the trends in the discovery of resources in Canada. 

The Board is satisfied that the propane resource in Canada and North America is large. The Board also accepts that given the size of the resource and the integrated and functional nature of the North American propane market, Canadian propane requirements will be met.

The approved export point is a marine terminal located near Kitimat, British Columbia. [Filing A93367]

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