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20 December 2010

To: Parties Named in the Attached Distribution List

Pipeline Services Survey for 2011

In its 2010-2013 Strategic Plan, the Board's Goal 3 is: "Canadians benefit from efficient energy infrastructure and markets". Under this goal, the Board not only tracks various indicators that Canadian energy and transportation markets are working well, but also strives to promote an efficient pipeline transportation system, where the services that shippers receive from pipeline companies meet shippers' needs.

The Pipeline Services Survey is a means to obtain direct feedback from the shippers of NEB-regulated pipeline companies on the quality of service provided by those pipelines and on the Board's processes with respect to tolls and tariffs. The Board also considers the survey results as an input when deciding which pipeline companies to audit as part of its financial regulatory audit program and in focusing the audit objectives and scope. The Board's objective is to facilitate continual improvement in pipeline services and the 2011 survey is in keeping with this objective. The Board encourages pipeline companies to discuss survey results with shippers and provide a written response to them. The Board requests that such response be filed with the Board by 30 September 2011.

Changes to the 2011 Survey
In 2009, the Board received comments from shippers that the survey was too burdensome. In response, the Board decided to reduce the frequency of the Pipeline Services Survey by administering it every other year, commencing in 2011 (no survey in 2010). The Board also revised the survey by reducing the number of questions and clarifying others. Furthermore, the survey will now include the additional Group 2 companies listed in attachment A.


The Board's web-based survey tool, Inquisite, will again be used to distribute the survey to shippers via e-mail. Instructions will be provided with the survey. Pipeline companies are requested to provide their verified lists of active shippers in Excel format, with contact information including e-mail addresses, to the Board by close of business, 7 January 2011. The Board will distribute the survey by 28 January 2011 with the subject heading "National Energy Board Survey". Responses are to be submitted no later than 4 March 2011.

Shipper Lists
Pipeline companies: In preparing their lists of active shippers, pipeline companies should include only those shippers who deal on a regular basis with the pipeline and would, therefore, be able to respond to the various questions on the survey. The list should also include marketers or agents that transact on behalf of the parties who hold the transportation capacity. The contact person for each shipper or marketer should be an individual that participates on the various toll task forces or working groups, if one exists, or the senior executive responsible for regulatory matters.

Shippers: If an individual who will co-ordinate the survey responses for the organization has been selected, that contact name should be provided to the particular pipeline company.

Survey Results
As in the past, after analyzing the survey responses, the Board will publish a summary of the results in aggregate for the surveyed companies. The aggregate results will include the industry average and distribution of responses for each question and, where appropriate, a summary of major themes. These high-level aggregate results may be discussed in the Board's Performance and Annual Reports. The Board will also provide the detailed company-specific results to each pipeline company and its participating shippers. These results will include the pipeline company's average rating and distribution of responses for each question as well as the verbatim comments received from shippers, with the names of the respondents excluded. The Board will include other analysis of the data as appropriate.

Companies are directed to serve a copy of this letter on their active shippers at this time. Should a shipper not receive a copy of the survey by 28 January 2011, please notify Christine Davidson at 403-299-3731 or

Yours truly,

Anne-Marie Erickson
Secretary of the Board


c.c.: CAPP, Facsimile 403-261-4622
CGA, Facsimile 613-748-0057
IGUA, Facsimile 613-230-9531
CEPA, Facsimile 403-221-8760
SEPAC, Facsimile 403-269-3636

Attachment to Board Letter
dated 20 December 2010
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Attachment A

2011 Pipeline Services Survey
Additional Group 2 Companies Distribution List

AltaGas Holdings Inc.
Enbridge Southern Lights GP Inc.
Enbridge Pipelines Inc. (Westspur)
Montreal Pipe Lines Limited
Plains Marketing Canada, L.P.

2011 Pipeline Services Survey Distribution List [PDF 762 KB]

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