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Regulatory Applications

Online Application System (OAS) - NEB Act section 58 Applications

The NEB Online Application System (OAS) has been developed to gain efficiencies in the regulatory process. It will allow companies and the NEB to focus attention on areas of an application that require more detailed information and assessment, while streamlining the routine elements.

You can use the OAS for all projects that fall under section 58 of the NEB Act.

Online Application System (OAS) - Exports and Imports

The NEB Online Application System (OAS) for exports and imports has been developed to enable on-line applications for exporting of crude oil, electricity, natural gas and/or natural gas liquids as well as importing of natural gas.

Other NEB Act Applications

  • Submit the following types of documents/applications electronically
    • Change in Ownership
    • Deactivation / Reactivation of Facilities (OPR)
    • Detailed Route
    • Long-term Crude Oil Export
    • Long-term Gas Export
    • Right-of-Entry
    • Route Deviations (S. 45 of NEB Act)
    • S. 21 Facilities (Variance, Review, Transfer of Board Instrument)
    • S. 47 Leave to Open Pipelines
    • S. 52 Facilities
    • S. 58.11 International Power Line
    • S. 71 Transmission
    • S. 74 Abandonment (Operation of a Pipeline)
    • Tolls & Tariffs (Matters/General Terms and Conditions, Negotiated Settlements, Quarterly Surveillance Report/Financial Statement, TTF Resolutions)

COGOA Applications


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