National Engagement Initiative

Promoting the safety of Canadians and protection of the natural environment are at the heart of the National Energy Board’s mandate. Our job is to enforce federal regulations that ensure pipelines are built, operated and abandoned in a way that protects our environment and respects the rights of landowners while safeguarding employees and the public.

Energy transportation is a key driver of our economy and the work we do on behalf of Canadians is to obtain pipeline companies’ compliance, deter future non-compliance, and prevent harm by using the most appropriate tool or tools available.

In order for us to do the best job possible, we want to know what Canadians are thinking when it comes to pipeline safety and environmental protection. In the coming months, I will be travelling across Canada to meet with Canadians and local organizations and listen to what they have to say. And I invite you, right now, to get the conversation started.

- Peter Watson, CEO and Chair
  National Energy Board

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National Energy Board releases National Engagement Tour report


Pipeline safety and environmental protection are important to all Canadians.

Between 25 November 2014 and 3 June 2015 the NEB asked Canadians to help us to better understand how we can adjust our pipeline safety program, public engagement activities and communications.

The NEB hosted an online discussion forum, attended dozens of meetings across the country and hosted a Pipeline Safety Forum. The general themes were:

  1. Improve the safety of pipelines we regulate
  2. Promote environmental protection
  3. Engage with landowners and people who live near pipelines
  4. Keep Canadians informed about the topics they care about

The NEB will develop and make public a report on the feedback and NEB actions resulting from the engagement initiative. The report will reflect the cross-country meetings, the Pipeline Safety Forum and the online discussion forum.

Engagement and outreach to Canadians will continue to be a top priority of the NEB through its regional offices in Vancouver and Montreal, its hearing processes, and a new focus on engagement and outreach activities with Canadians across the country.

Why is it Important?

The more we understand the diversity of Canadians’ concerns, the better positioned we are to remain a world-class national energy regulator. We want to know how well you think we’re doing and ideas on how we can adjust our approach to pipeline safety and environmental protection.

Cross-Country Meetings

As one component of the NEB’s National Engagement Initiative, our CEO and Chair, Peter Watson, travelled across Canada to meet with Canadians and listen to what they have to say.

These meetings are in addition to the existing engagement efforts of Board. They are also outside of our regulatory process; they are not discussing any specific project. Instead, the focus was on hearing views regarding pipeline safety and environmental protection.

Meeting Summaries

Meeting summaries are intended to be high-level summaries of the key topics of discussion, for interest only.

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