Manitoba Component

NEB Chair and CEO, Peter Watson, travelled to Manitoba in mid-May 2015.

Grand Chief Derek Nepinak and representatives from the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs

  • Topics Discussed Included: Organization of the NEB, duty to consult and the role of the NEB, company’s communications with group, environmental assessment processes, jurisdictional differences regarding energy, project procurement processes.

Manitoba Pipeline Landowners Association

  • Topics Discussed Included: company’s communications, property rights, decommissioning and abandonment, landowner issues, perception of the NEB, compensation for landowners.

Mayor Brian Bowman and senior City of Winnipeg Staff

  • Topics Discussed Included: transparency of safety and incident inspections, perception of NEB, NEB’s role and mandate, NEB communications, technical details of pipeline transportation.

Manitoba Eco-Network

  • Topics Discussed Included: NEB hearing process and participation, climate change, scope and mandate of the NEB, jurisdictional difference in energy regulation.

Association of Manitoba Municipalities

  • Topics Discussed Included: pipeline safety, rail loading stations vs. pipelines, emergency management procedures and collaborations across jurisdictions, NEB hearing process and participation, emergency management training.
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