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Filing Requirements for Arctic Offshore Drilling Respond to Northern Input

Transcripts - Public review of Arctic safety and environmental offshore drilling requirements

16 September 2011 [Filing A31498]
15 September 2011 [Filing A31459]
14 September 2011 [Filing A31414]
13 September 2011 [Filing A31371]
12 September 2011 [Filing A31308]

Inuvik Roundtable Meeting - Agenda [Filing A31180]

News Release - National Energy Board Begins Arctic Offshore Drilling Review Roundtable Meeting

Meeting Summaries

Inuvik Roundtable Meeting

The NEB is reviewing the safety and environmental requirements for offshore drilling in Canada’s Arctic and we want to hear from you.

As part of the Arctic Offshore Drilling Review, the Board will host a Roundtable meeting in Inuvik, NT from Monday, 12 September until Friday, 16 September 2011. The meeting is scheduled to run from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

The event will be broadcast live over the NEB's Internet site. The Roundtable will be interpreted into Inuinnaqtun, Gwich’in, Inuvialuktun, Inuktitut and French and you can listen over the telephone by dialing 1-888-999-9261.

Listeners may also submit questions or make comments to NEB staff by telephone at 1-866-399-0599. Please visit and click on Hearings and Information Sessions for more information.

Expert Report prepared by SL Ross Environmental Research Limited - Spill Response Gap Study for the Canadian Beaufort Sea and the Canadian Beaufort Sea and Davis Strait [Filing A30372]

Expert Report - Major Hazard Incidents Prepared by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) [Filing A30021]

Process Update for the Inuvik Roundtable Meeting [Filing A29992]

Questions and Answers - Inuvik Roundtable Meeting
Process Update and Agenda for the Inuvik Roundtable Meeting - Arctic Review [Filing A29992]

Public Review of Arctic Safety and Environmental Offshore Drilling Requirements - Backgrounder, Regulation of Offshore Drilling in the Canadian Arctic [Filing A27782]

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