Allocation of Funds for Participation in the Public Hearing for Leismer to Kettle River Crossover Pipeline Project

On 14 January 2011, the National Energy Board announced that $50,000 of participant funding would be made available to assist individuals and groups with their participation in the Leismer to Kettle River Crossover Pipeline Project hearing.

Applications for funding received after the 14 March 2011 deadline were not considered. One application was received, requesting $30,000, and offered an award. 100% of the awarded funds went to an Aboriginal group.

The Funding Review Committee (FRC), an independent committee established by the Board, reviews all applications for participant funding, and provides recommendations on funding awards. Following a review of the FRC recommendations, the Board’s Acting Chief Operating Officer, Regulatory, accepted the FRC’s recommendations and approved the following funding awards:

Funding Awards
Applicant Amount awarded
Chard Métis Local 214 $12,000
Total estimated value awarded $12,000
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