Land Matters Group Steering Committee - Meeting Summary - 12 September 2013

Land Matters Group Steering Committee (LMGSC)
Thursday, 12 September 2013
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Harry Hays Building - Airdrie/Beiseker Rooms

  • Brenda Belak - Westcoast Environmental Law
  • Shirley Benson - Metis National Council
  • Isabelle Bouffard - Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec (UPA)
  • Jamie Kereliuk - National Energy Board
  • Beth Lau (for Barry Jardine) - Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  • Jason Laronde - Union of Ontario Indians
  • Pierre Lemieux - Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec (UPA)
  • Greg Northey - Canadian Federation of Agriculture
  • Jeff Paetz - The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)
  • Gary Redmond - Synergy Alberta
  • Philippe Reicher - The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)
  • Ziad Saad - The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)
NEB support:
  • Lorna Patterson, Brenda Price, Marie McKenney
  • Deborah Eastlick, Elvin Gowman
1. Welcome

New Steering Committee members: Shirley Benson (Métis National Council), Brenda Belak (West Coast Environmental Law)

New NEB representation: Brenda Price and Marie McKenney
2. Confirm proposed agenda Agenda confirmed  
3. Approval of minutes from 20 December 2012 meeting Decision - 20 December 2012 minutes approved; will be posted on NEB website and circulated to the full LMG

Decision - future minutes will be circulated and approved via e-mail
Minutes from 12 September 2012 meeting circulated for approval.
4. Current Priorities: round table Steering Committee members shared current projects or issues of interest from their organizations  
5. Proposed Changes to Regulations for Damage Prevention (Andrea Hardie, NEB) Action - NEB to send a notification to LMG members when the Notice of Proposed Regulatory Change (NoPRC) is released (expected in the fall of 2013)  
Action - Jamie to explore the possibility of a meeting with a sub- group of SC members to provide feedback before NoPRC release.  If this is not possible, then after the release NEB Project Manager, Andrea Hardie, will have a working session with the LMG SC at the next SC meeting to gather feedback
6. Administrative Monetary Penalties - Process Guide (Anna DeCarlo, NEB) Action - Jamie to explore the possibility of a meeting to provide feedback and clarification around how the NEB will determine whether a party is deemed an individual or a company in the context of issuing AMPS (UPA, CFA, CEPA, Synergy) NEB will provide an update to be at a LMG SC conference call meeting in October or November 2013.
7. NEB Safety Forum 2013 (Dana Cornea, NEB) Action - Jamie to bring back an item with proposed opportunities for LMG involvement in initiatives arising from the Safety Forum, including transparency initiatives and a proposed definition of a “safety culture” NEB project manager will be asked to bring options for consultation to the LMG SC.
8. Land Agent Conduct (Dave Kmet, CEPA) Action - CEPA to provide the draft land agent code of conduct document to the LMG SC for discussion at an upcoming meeting  
9. Abandonment Research Studies Action - members on the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) Pipeline Abandonment Research Steering Committee to continue to update the LMG SC on progress  
Decision - NEB to explore opportunities to translate minutes of PTAC meetings and provide the minutes to PTAC to post NEB has translated the minutes and both languages are available on the NEB website [Pipeline Abandonment - Documents and Research].
10. LMG SC Workplan Actions and decisions in addition to those listed above:
Workplan document layout:

Action - Add a column for ‘timeframe’

Action - Add a column for the ‘purpose/objective’
Completed - see revised Workplan
  New NEB section 55.2 “standing”

Action - NEB will provide the LMG SC with the new form and run a working session to get feedback
Application to Participate Form testing for LMG SC members anticipated in November 2013
Action - Jamie to determine whether the Board would accept input on section 55.2 “standing” guidance at this time At this time, the Board will not be updating standing guidance. There may be future opportunities after the guidance has been used at multiple hearings. The NEB proposes this item be carry-forwarded to next year’s Workplan.
Right of Way Agreements

Message - CEPA is currently working with members to develop standard Agreement language

Action - CEPA is asked to provide the draft to the LMG SC to be worked at an upcoming meeting
Bilingual Regulatory Process

Action - Jamie to contact CEPA to bring an update to the LMG SC
Other Administrative Issues Action - NEB will schedule monthly conference call meetings for the LMG SC. NEB will create and distribute the agenda a week prior to the meeting. See note from Thea Wingert, NEB
  Decision - the next LMG SC meeting will be held December 2013 12 December 2013
  Action - Terms of Reference Review NEB will add to monthly conference call agenda for discussion
11. Adjourn 

Meeting notes prepared by Brenda Price and Marie McKenney

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