Compliance and Enforcement

The National Energy Board (NEB) holds those we regulate accountable for their actions so that Canadians and the environment are protected.

As Canada’s federal pipeline regulator, the NEB evaluates regulated companies, their facilities and activities on an ongoing basis to ensure appropriate compliance oversight. Targeted compliance verification activities are conducted throughout all stages of a project to ensure the safety and security of people, property and the environment. Each year, the NEB conducts targeted audits and more than 150 inspections of regulated companies. This is in addition to the 100+ technical meetings and exercises conducted on an annual basis.

The NEB’s approach to enforcing regulatory requirements under its mandate is based on the principle of a compliance and enforcement continuum. This includes ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and escalating matters of non-compliance for appropriate action when required, using a Graduated Enforcement Response Model.

The NEB’s approach and compliance and enforcement tools are outlined in the Enforcement Policy.

In 2011, the NEB began proactively posting information on its compliance and enforcement activities, with the goal of providing information related to its compliance and enforcement actions, in a manner that is clear and accessible.


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