Compliance Verification Activity Report 1516-436 – NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.

Compliance Verification Activity Report - NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. [PDF 337 KB]

Type of Compliance Verification Activity: Field Inspection

Activity #: 1516-436
Activity start: 11/10/2015
Activity End: 11/10/2015

Related Activity Numbers:

Inspection Officer Number(s): 2565

Incident #:
Landowner Complaint File #:

Company: NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.

Facility Name(s): Western Alberta System (WAS) Mainline Loop

Province(s): Alberta

Theme(s): Environmental Protection

Compliance Tools Used:


This activity was undertaken to verify compliance with the following regulatory requirements.

 X  NEB Act

 X  Onshore Pipeline Regulations

    CSA Standard Z662 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems


    Electricity Regulations

    Processing Plant Regulations

    Pipeline Crossing Regulations Part I

    Pipeline Crossing Regulations Part II

Observations & Discussion

Observations & Discussion
Date visited Location Theme Compliance Confirmed
10-Nov-15 Willow Creek Crossing Site Environmental Protection Yes


Observed entire construction site, including access roads, spoil storage, termporary workspace and watercourse crossing
- Soil pile seperation observed
-Watercourse isolation complete with aquadams in place and bypass pumping ongoing. Observed water intake and discharge locations, and backup equipment storage site
-Onsite Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialist confirmed that monitoring is occuring upstream of activity and at 3 locations downstream, and that no concerns with water quality have been noted
- Secondary containment for generators, light stands and equipment observed in place
- Observed spill kits on site, and confirmed spill kit and fire extinguisher in place on backhoe
- Observed location for discharge of water from watercourse isolation, occuring away from Willow Creek near borrow pit

Observations & Discussion
Date visited Location Theme Compliance Confirmed
24-Nov-15 Site Trailer Environmental Protection Yes


Conducted a documentation review. Observed pre-construction and as-built documentation and permits. Reviewed: provincial temporary field authorization, environmental incident reports, Alberta Environment and Parks authorization, licence to divert water, fish research licence

Compliance Summary


This notice reflects the observations of non-compliance with regulatory requirements or company commitments, made by the inspection officer during the compliance verification activity. If the corrective actions identified are implemented by the completion date, the matter is considered resolved. Any unresolved compliance matters will be addressed by the inspection officer and may be referred to NEB enforcement staff.

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