Damage prevention

NEB Regulatiobns for Pipeline Damage Prevention

Preventing damage to pipelines is a shared responsibility. Because pipelines are buried, they can be at risk for accidental damage from nearby ground disturbance or construction activity.This type of damage can be prevented.Call or Click Before You Dig

Pipeline companies are required to make sure people know how to safely conduct activities like ground disturbance  and construction near pipelines, and people planning activities near pipelines must call or click before they dig.

As a federal regulator of international and interprovincial pipelines, the National Energy Board promotes safe work practices around pipelines. We do this through regulation and by monitoring and enforcing compliance with those regulations. We raise public awareness about safety by providing information and encouraging co-operation, safety education, and compliance with requirements. And we are the federal regulatory champion for the Canadian Common Ground Alliance.

Whether you are a property owner, a municipal employee, or a contractor planning a project that involves ground disturbance or construction activity, compliance with the approved safety steps will help ensure your project goes ahead safely and without issues.

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