Emergency procedures manuals (also known as emergency response plans)

A company must have an emergency procedures manual based on its hazard identification and risk evaluation. The contents of the emergency procedures manual should include the following:

  • emergency procedures manual distribution list
  • manual updating procedures and schedule (or on a separate file)
  • description of initial actions when someone reports an incident
  • definitions and levels of emergencies
  • corporate and operational chains of command (e.g., organization structures)
  • management of threat information
  • incident management system (e.g., incident command system)
  • spill control procedures and locations of spill control points (if applicable)
  • debriefing procedure
  • internal and external communications (includes equipment)
  • external communication information, warnings and evacuations (e.g., public relations or media plan)
  • other ways to communicate
  • roles and responsibilities for internal positions involved in a response (including contractors)
  • roles and responsibilities for agencies that would likely be involved in a response
  • environmental or other areas requiring special consideration or protection
  • detailed product information
  • internal and external reporting requirements
  • up-to-date internal and external contact lists
  • lists of persons in the emergency planning zones (or on a separate file)
  • description and location of response equipment, including information on how to access the response equipment on a 24-hour basis
  • up-to-date area maps or mapping
  • agreements with other companies or organizations (or on a separate file) or a reference to agreements in the emergency procedures manual
  • templates and records to document the events, actions and meetings during an incident

Emergency procedures manuals must be submitted to the NEB. They are to be reviewed and updated by the company regularly and published on the company’s website as of 30 September 2016. Portions of the published manuals may not be available where there is personal information or information that can affect the security of the pipeline or particular properties.

  • 2018-01-17
    Letter and Order AO-001-MO-006-2016 which Varies Order MO-006-2016 – Compelling Publication of Emergency Procedures Manuals [Filing A79720]
  • 2016-04-05
    Letter and Order MO-006-2016 – Compelling Publication of Emergency Procedures Manuals [Filing A79720]

A company must also have a site-specific plan for sensitive areas. A sensitive area may be an area with a large population of people or an environmentally sensitive area such as wetlands, national parks, rivers and lakes.

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