International Power Line Security Management


Security Program Self-evaluation Tool [EXCEL 129 KB] This tool has been produced to assist companies within the petroleum and natural gas industry in evaluating their existing security program with the requirements of CSA Z246.1.

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The Board's new security mandate also provides for the regulating the security of International Power Lines and designated inter-provincial power lines under its jurisdiction. With an interest in this matter, the Board supported the move towards mandatory reliability standards with the recognition of the North American Reliability Council (NERC) as a Electric Reliability Organization. The NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Cyber Security Standards were developed to "ensure that all entities responsible for the reliability of the Bulk Electric System in North America identify and protect Critical Cyber Assets that control of could impact the reliability of the Bulk Electric System". For more Information, please visit the NERC Cyber Security Standards.

On December 6th, 2012, the National Energy Board issued an Order that imposes mandatory reliability standards on certain International Power Line (IPL) companies under the jurisdiction of the Board. The Order addresses the regulatory gap for mandatory reliability standards that exists for IPL’s between upstream provincial governance and downstream United States jurisdiction. The provision of the Order contain 12 reliability standards requirements which correspond to the main categories of the reliability standards developed by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.  For more information please visit the General Order for Electricity Reliability Standards [Filing A49626] web page.

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