Pipeline Safety Forum 2015 – Presentations and Questions and Answers

Safety Forum 2015

The Pipeline Safety Forum held on June 2nd and 3rd, 2015, marked the conclusion of the National Energy Board’s first cross-Canada public engagement initiative that began in November 2014. The Forum brought together key subject matter experts from across the country as attendees and as presenters. The discussions focused on addressing specific issues to improve the safety of regulated facilities.

The National Energy Board will produce a report on both the engagement initiative and the Forum by early 2016.

The speakers responded to questions posed by the audience either verbally, or via an interactive web site that could be accessed by participants during the Forum. Some of the questions for the speakers were posted on the interactive website, but were not answered at the Forum due to time constraints.



Tuesday 2 June 2015

NEB Chair Welcome and Introduction

  • Peter Watson, National Energy Board

Outreach to Canadians on Pipelines

  • Peter Watson, Jonathan Timlin, Steven Rowe, National Energy Board

Keynote Speaker

Pipeline Issues in Municipalities

Connecting Safety Culture to Technical Outcomes

Using Operational Audits as a Continual Improvement Tool

Right of Way Issues and Solutions

Western Regulators Forum

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Valves at Water Crossings for Outflow Control

Emergency Response and Stakeholder Expectations

Pipelines and People-Preventing Damage and Harm

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