Regulatory Update

Regulatory Update [PDF 268 KB]

Regulatory Update

Chris Loewen


Operations Business Unit

National Energy Board

Pipeline Safety Forum

2 June 2015


Western Regulators Forum

  • Established in 2014 to promote collaboration amongst oil and gas regulators in Western Canada
  • Pipeline Safety Indicators Committee
    • Reviewing potential for joint safety indicators
    • Common incident data has potential
      • e.g. Releases of liquids and gas
    • Discussion with industry and public will explore other options


Performance Measures Reporting

  • Benchmarking for industry to continually improve
  • Consultation in 2012 led to 45 predominantly leading measures for 69,000 km of pipelines
    • Emergency Management, Security, Environment, Integrity, Safety and Damage Prevention
  • 2013 Company Reports received April 2014
  • Summary report released October 2014


Incident Reporting

  • Consulted in 2014 on new reporting approach
  • Detailed guidance on types of incidents
  • Harmonizes TSB reporting except for significant events - then use TSB Hot-line
    Event Reporting: Compiled Guidance and Clarification
  • On-line Event Reporting System began 1 January 2015
  • Incident Map now on NEB Website


Damage Prevention Regulations

  • NEB Pipeline Crossing Regulations would be renamed NEB Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations
  • Aspects of the 2010 Order for agricultural crossings would be incorporated into the proposed regulation
  • A Damage Prevention Program would be added to the OPR for management system requirements


Best Available Technology

  • The Minister of Natural Resources has requested that the NEB undertake a study and prepare a report on the use of BATs for federally-regulated pipelines
  • The NEB will consult with experts with relevant technical knowledge or expertise
  • The final report is due to the Minister on March 31, 2016


Safety Culture Indicators

  • Statement on Safety Culture including a framework released publicly in June 2014
  • North American Regulators Working Group on Safety Culture has been established
  • Development of indicators that may be embedded in compliance verification activities is under development


Proposed Pipeline Safety Act
Bill C-46

  • Absolute liability - Company would maintain funds and demonstrate financial resources
  • NEB would deal with post-abandonment issues
  • Damage Prevention Regulations would be enhanced
  • Bill has not received Royal Assent yet - if it does it is in force 12 months later
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