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As a group 2 company, there is a requirement for an annual emergency response exercise for the NEB and for other regulators (OGC or AER). The BC OGC has accepted exercises on NEB regulated lines however the NEB will not accept exercises on OGC regulated equipment. Any hope to accept exercises from other jurisdictions?

NEB-regulated companies must determine the appropriate frequency of emergency response exercises in accordance with the risks identified in their respective management systems and emergency management programs. Exercises include: drills; tabletop; functional; and full scale. Typically, these are conducted with agencies with which the company maintains liaison. As a result, the NEB expects that a company conducts exercises on its own infrastructure with its inherent regional characteristics and in concert with those first responders with which it has liaison.

Good news on the Damage Prevention Regulations. Will they reference CSA Z247, the new CSA Damage Prevention Standard?

The NEB participated in the development of CSA Z247 and is considering referencing the new CSA Damage Prevention Standard in regulation.

Was any quality assurance done on the incident data recently posted by the NEB and if so can you provide the detail of these activities?

The NEB had records of all the information that was posted; often these records were in document form. The NEB examined those documents, extracted the relevant information, and updated its Event Reporting System (ERS). It should be noted that all incident data is considered a snapshot-in-time and can be updated frequently as an incident investigation proceeds.

Does the NEB anticipate working with the CCGA on the development of revised Damage Prevention Regulations?

As the federal regulatory champion of the CCGA, the NEB considers the CCGA a valuable resource for engagement with stakeholders representing all aspects of ground disturbance. The proposed regulatory changes identified in Bill C-46 will result in the CCGA becoming a resource for the engagement plan.

When posting incident information how does the NEB consider normalizing the data to provide the proper context?

Normalization of incident data is not currently done on a regular basis. The NEB is considering ways of normalizing the data to account for, among several things, pipeline system size and amount of product transported.

Is there an initiative to harmonize emergency response plan (ERP) format and reporting via the 4 Regulators?

The recent publication of CSA 246.2 sets out a format for ERPs. The NEB participated in this standard and, like other regulators, is considering adopting it.

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