NEB InspectorThe NEB maintains a proactive approach to safety and incident prevention and we take all available actions to protect Canadians and the environment. The NEB requires companies to continually evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their management systems and to implement corrective actions to prevent incidents.

Our safety programs are designed to make sure companies are effective in managing safety and environmental protection throughout the entire lifecycle of a pipeline - from design to construction, operation and through to abandonment. The NEB’s compliance verification activities allow us to identify potential issues or challenges with regulated companies and address them proactively.

The NEB also requires its regulated companies to promote a positive safety culture in order to effectively manage threats to safety. Safety management is made up of several different strategies and activities designed to eliminate or reduce risk to the public, workers, the environment and assets. The Board expects safety culture programs within its regulated companies to apply to both worker health and safety, and process safety. Process safety focusses on preventing catastrophic incidents associated with the use of chemicals and petroleum products.

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