Completed Access to Information Requests, September 2017

Request Number Summary Disposition Number of Pages Released
A-2016-00102 A copy of all documents related to engagement meetings involving OH-002-2016 parties that were requested by Strategies Energetiques and the Association de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique and other stakeholders that the Board declined to release in a decision released on Sept. 9, 2016 that was signed by ___ and ___. Disclosed in part 308
A-2016-00103 Any briefing material, talking points or memos prepared by or for ­­­___ or communications staff in September 2016 regarding the Energy East review process. Disclosed in part 59
A-2016-00159 Copies of all emails sent, received or reviewed by ___ in 2016 regarding or relating to the Energy East pipeline project. Disclosed in part 664
A-2016-00174 All information available within the NEB regarding an assessment done by an external third party that was referenced in a note sent by ___ to all staff in 2016 regarding alleged breaches of the employee code of conduct when ___ wrote the following: "With these concerns in mind, the senior leadership team retained an external expert organization to conduct a preliminary assessment around the circumstances of these breaches of our Code of Conduct. Their assessment has made plain to us that we need to take further steps to investigate this situation." As part of this response, please include a list of all attendees of any meeting, discussion or conversation, in which the NEB received this assessment, and copies of all notes taken by staff regarding this assessment. Please also include any memos, briefing notes or reports prepared by or for the NEB or any other government organization regarding the assessment by the third party. Disclosed in part 116
A-2016-00197 Briefing material provided to the chief: 982036, briefing for the MPMO meeting; 984597, note for Enbridge Line 21; 987272, note on OPEC, 988378. Disclosed in part 20
A-2016-00198 All briefing materials provided to the chief for the entire month of March this year. Disclosed in part 16
A-2017-00020 Any emails sent or received by ___ and ___ between 2007 and 2014 that make reference to playing or practicing in a music band or the use of NEB facilities to play music. Disclosed in part 394
A-2017-00049 All briefing materials prepared for ___ in relation to ___ role in the NEB inquiry of tolling methodologies and competition in Northeast British Columbia and any report or recommendation ___ has prepared. Disclosed in part 312
A-2017-00050 All documents, relating to any and all references to a NEB relocation or creation of an Ottawa NEB Office, efforts, including: consultation efforts with industry, private corporations, or government; letters, emails, texts, etc., which relate to expressions of position by industry, government, or private corporation; internal memos, or otherwise, relating to efforts to predict government, industry, or private corporations expected positions on this issue; risk assessments, either done internally, or from outside contractors, relating to this issue; legal assessments; any documentation, internal or previously published, which would be used by the NEB as a guide for assessing strategic priorities in NEB relocation efforts; cost assessments of relocation efforts; any internal memos outlining expected savings of relocation efforts; any requests made on this subject to the NEB on the part of the Natural Resources Minister or the Environment Minister, and by their political staff; any and all communications or documents on this subject, including texts, emails, PowerPoint presentations, memos, Blackberry PINS, voicemails, etc. Disclosed in part 144
A-2017-00056 The last available draft copy of any transition binder prepared for ___, prior to ___ appointment as an executive vice president of the National Energy Board All disclosed 205
A-2017-00066 All briefing materials prepared for the chief executive for the entire month of July. Please make each piece of briefing material a separate access-to-information request. Disclosed in part 10
A-2017-00067 All briefing materials from July this year prepared for the panel members reviewing the proposed Energy East pipeline. Disclosed in part 147
A-2017-00068 List of briefing materials prepared for the chief executive for the entire month of July. All disclosed 1
A-2017-00070 1) All records held by ___ that contain the personal information of ___; 2) Any email in ___'s inbox, deleted items and sent items that contain the word "___", excluding emails in said folders that the word "___" appears in the "To", "From", or "Cc" fields. Disclosed in part 7
A-2017-00080 Any records from the NEB with respect to the well blowout that occurred on September 21, 2015 at the Duvernay Site. Abandoned 0
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