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Summary of ATIA Completed Requests for July 2013
Request Number Summary Disposition Number of
Pages Released

All internal communications and email communications with TransCanada for site visits and audits during calendar years 2011, 2012 for TransCanada Compressor station projects Gold Creek and Hidden Creek.

Disclosed in part 21

Please provide a listing of each instance where the NEB, or any other NEB contracted Third party having/had access to data from the Board where they: directly distributed copies, made copies, sent data to any of a; processing, scanning, copy, or reproduction entity to make reproductions, in any media or form, and:

Please indicate who the recipient(s) (i.e. reproduction, scanning, copy, processing company), and (if applicable) end recipients (end user) were for these disclosures: and

The request is limited to any instance of GSI data (defined below) disclosure AND separately disclosure of ALL secondary submissions (positions C and D of operator ID is a 27) and both from 1970-2011

Defined GSI Operator's Codes:
528 – Eureka
705 – Geophoto
838 – GSI prior to 1982
G5 – GSI after 1982
833 – Phoenix (Phoenix Ventures)

W27 Western Geophysical 1996-1997 Mackenzie Valley Surveys 9229-W27-1P and9229-W27-2P? C137 Corridor Resources NS24-C137-001 2003 CAPE BRETON H033 Hunt oil NS24-H033-001P 2005 SYDNEY BASIN

Disclosed in part 15

All industrial hygiene reports, dust reports, air sampling, safety complaints or inspections related to respiratory or air quality conditions or the use of silica or asbestos, in relation to the TransCanada pipeline.

Abandoned by applicant 0

Regulatory approvals related to the TransCanada Pipeline, including but not limited to regulatory documents related to air quality or the use of silica or asbestos.

Abandoned by applicant 0

Data or statistics about asbestos or silica exposure or rates of mesothelioma in relation to TransCanada pipeline workers.

Abandoned by applicant 0

All records relating to the construction, maintenance, abatement, decommissioning or operation of the TransCanada pipeline.

Abandoned by applicant 0

Copy of the Corrective Action plan (CAP) file by Enbridge on April 15 2013 following the issuance of NEB Order SO-E101-001-2013.

Disclosed in Part 17

All documents for reference number 03-01-70 in relation to the decommissioning of 12 compressor plants by TransCanada Pipelines Limited.

Disclosed in Part 21

All document for reference number 06-01-19410 in relation to the decommissioning of compressor station 12 by TransCanada Pipelined Limited.

Disclosed in Part 10

For the timeframe 1970 – 2012 please provide copies of each 2D or 3D Geophysical Program Authorization Application received by the NEB.

Nothing disclosed (exempt) 0

Please provide copies of each Geophysical Program Authorization Application and Permit for the following seismic programs listed in the attached table, see page 2 (see attached page to hard copy of request)

Nothing disclosed (exempt) 0
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