2014 Report on Annual Expenditures for Travel, Hospitality and Conferences

As required by the Treasury Board Directive for the Management of Expenditures on Travel, Hospitality and Conferences, this report provides information on the total annual expenditures for each of travel, hospitality and conferences for the National Energy Board for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014.

This information is updated annually and does not contain information withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act.

Expenditures on travel, hospitality and conferences incurred by the NEB support the Agency’s mandate and the government’s priorities.

The NEB provides oversight of safety, integrity, environmental and economic issues throughout the lifecycle of its regulated facilities. As we continue working on behalf of Canadians, one ultimate outcome remains clear: the safety of Canadians and the protection of the environment for future generations.

In support and development of its programs, NEB incurs travel, hospitality and conference expenses. In 2013-14, NEB spent approximately $2.5 million on travel, conferences and hospitality. A large portion of these expenses were in support of the program activities for Energy Regulation, which provides the Canadian public, project proponents and other government agencies with regulation of international and designated interprovincial power lines; construction, operations, and toll and tariffs on international and interprovincial pipelines; energy trade; and exploration and development in certain frontier and offshore areas.

Summary of annual expenditures for travel, hospitality and conferences for the National Energy Board for fiscal year ending March 31, 2014
Expenditure Category Expenditures
for the
year ending
March 31, 2014
for the
year ending
March 31, 2013
(a - b)
(in thousands of dollars)
Travel - Public Servants 2,328 2,683 (355)
Travel - Non-Public Servants 26 22 4
International Travel by Minister and Minister’s Staff 0 0 0
Travel 2,354 2,705 (351)
Hospitality 83 66 17
Conference Fees 103 71 32
Grand Total 2,540 2,842 (303)

Significant variances compared to the previous fiscal year:

Travel for Public Servants decreased as there were fewer Hearings with travel requirements. The Board continued to focus on northern engagement therefore have not traveled internationally.

The NEB hosted a Safety Forum in Calgary in 2013-14 which resulted in an increase in the overall costs for hospitality from the previous year.

Conferences Fees:
The description of conferences was realigned to agree with the Treasury Board guidance.

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